Frequently Asked Question

ANAMMCO recognizes the need, and has entrenched an understanding in both staff and partners for business to be conducted, and results achieved in accordance with international best practices.

1. Does ANAMMCO still sell Mercedes Benz Commercial vehicles?

No, ANAMMCO’s primary focus is now in the local production , sales and after sales support of Dongfeng Brand of Commercial Vehicles in Nigeria. However ANAMMCO continues to provide after sales support to its legacy customers that still have Mercedes Benz Commercial vehicles in their fleet.

2. What types of Commercial Vehicles does ANAMMCO offer now?

ANAMMCO offers a wide range Commercial vehicles from Light duty pick-up trucks , Medium duty and heavy duty Commercial Vehicles.

3. What type of vehicle production company is ANAMMCO?

ANAMMCO’s Commercial vehicles production plant produces Fully Built Commercial Vehicles from Completely Knocked Down (CKD) Vehicle components and Semi Knocked Down (SKD) vehicle components supplied by affiliated Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

4. What is the installed Vehicle production capacity of ANAMMCO?

The Installed commercial vehicle production capacity of ANAMMCO’s plant is 7,500 Trucks & 1,000 Buses per annum on a single shift production model.

5. Asides from vehicle production, sales and after sales support, what other services does ANAMMCO provide?

ANAMMCO provides 3rd Party Assembly services to other Automotive industry stakeholders in need of high volume vehicle production output.

6. What kind of After sales support does ANAMMCO provide?

ANAMMCO provides the following After sales support.
i) Drivers and Auto technicians training.
ii) Warranty services
iii) Workshop services
iv) Spare parts
v) Refurbishment

7. Does ANAMMCO provide training for industrial vehicle operators and commercial vehicle drivers?

ANAMMCO provides training for industrial vehicle operators on Agricultural tractor, Forklift and crane operations. ANAMMCO is currently processing its commercial vehicle drivers training approval from the Federal Road Safety Commission.

8. Does ANAMMCO provide technical training for persons interested in careers in the Auto industry?

ANAMMCO has a world-class Training Institute dedicated to the training on diverse skills relevant to the Nigerian Automotive sector.

9. Does ANAMMCO provide body structures for interested fleet owners even though the vehicles were not sourced from ANAMMCO?

Yes, ANAMMCO provides body structures to diverse fleet owners. such as: cargo body, Dropside droptail , Bus body, Water tanker, Produce body, Flat bed, Refrigerated box body, Troop carriers, Mobile clinic, Field hospital, Crate carriers etc.

10. What is the ownership structure of ANAMMCO?

ANAMMCO has a Private and Government ownership structure with the GUO and SONS Ltd as the majority stakeholder.