ANAMMCO CAPTAIN C CM92-301 Light Duty Truck

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient light duty truck, you might want to check out the ANAMMCO CAPTAIN C CM92-301 LIGHT DUTY TRUCK. This is a 4×2 cargo chassis truck that is designed to handle various transportation needs. Here are some of the features and specifications of this light duty truck:

Powerful engine: The truck is equipped with a Cummins B125-33 engine that delivers 125 HP and 410 N.m of torque. The engine meets the Euro 2 emission standards and has a water-cooled, turbocharged, and air-cooled system. The engine displacement is 3.9 liters and the cylinder bore and stroke are 102 mm and 120 mm respectively.

Smooth transmission: The truck has a 6DS60T gearbox that has 6 forward gears and 1 reverse gear. The clutch is hydraulic controlled with air booster and has a plate diameter of 325 mm. The truck also has a full air brake system with split pneumatic circuit and parking spring brake acting on the rear axles. The front and rear brakes are drum type.

Durable chassis: The truck has a sturdy and robust chassis that has a frame profile dimension of 5150*2120*550 mm. The frame height, width, and thickness are 195 mm, 65 mm, and 6 mm respectively. The overall chassis length is 6995 mm and the cab width is 2330 mm. The cab height is 2350 mm and the wheelbase is 3800 mm. The truck has a curb weight of 3110 kg and a gross vehicle weight of 60000 kg. The payload capacity is 7700 kg.

Comfortable cab: The truck has an all-welded steel cab of tilt type that has a mechanical cab tilting and floating suspension. The driver’s seat is adjustable and the windows are electric power operated. The cab also has a central lock system for security.

Quality tyres and axles: The truck has 215/75R17.5 tyres that are suitable for different road conditions. The front axle is a Dana Elliot type with I beam section and has a load capacity of 2.2 tons. The rear axle is a Dana tandem axle with axle lock and has a load capacity of 5.5 tons. The truck also has a steel fuel tank with a lockable cap and a capacity of 125 liters.
Battery and suspension: The truck has a 24 V battery system with a capacity of 100 x 2 A.h. The suspension system consists of leaf springs with shock absorbers. The front suspension has 8 leaf springs and the rear suspension has 10 + 7 leaf springs.

The ANAMMCO CAPTAIN C CM92-301 LIGHT DUTY TRUCK is a versatile and high-performance light duty truck that can meet your transportation needs.